Core Wireless Speaker Indiegogo
November 23, 2015 · Success Stories

The Core Wireless Speaker Q&A: Indiegogo Success Story


Core Wireless Speaker Indiegogo

The Core wireless speaker by Mass Fidelity was designed to be the core of your musical universe. Created by a team united by their passion for music and new technology, the Core is a small, portable speaker system that sounds like two widely separated full size HiFi speakers with unbelievable sound quality. Their original goal of $48,000 was shattered in a matter of weeks, and they’ve raised over $1.5 million to date after entering InDemand. They were recognized by the CES 2015 Innovation Awards and received plenty of noteworthy press, including Rolling Stone, Maxim and the Wall Street Journal. We wanted to get to know this Indiegogo success story a little better with these 7 questions.

Q1: What inspired you to make The Core?

The Core is the product of three years of research and development that started with one very simple question: ‘Why can’t a small beautiful speaker sound large and life-like?’ Working in collaboration with a community of innovative scientists, engineers, designers, musicians and creative partners, the Core was developed with three key goals in mind: functional design, stunning sound and freedom for the listener. We leveraged cutting edge DSP engineering, high-density microprocessors and high definition wireless protocols to bring you the most advanced wireless speaker system ever developed.

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Q2: What did you do to prepare for your launch?

First, we worked on our video. We didn’t really have a budget for special effects and because our product is something you need to hear to fully appreciate how special it is, we decided to simply show it to various industry people and film their reactions . It created an emotional connection, as well as an endorsement.

It is also important to build momentum before launch. Two weeks prior to launch, we did a media tour in order to have professional reviews ready on the day of the launch. We also engaged with our personal and professional network prior to launch to get plenty of people excited.

Q3: What were some key strategies that helped you build momentum during the campaign? Are there any specific tools or resources that you found most valuable?

Reasons to believe: We invited our backers to come listen in and see the product in person during demo events. We filmed the events and shared with all backers. This provided reasons to believe.

Adding another product: A lot of backers asked us about plans to make a subwoofer to go along with our speakers. We analyzed feasibility and at the end of the campaign we announced we would be making it.

Extending our campaign: With the addition of the subwoofer announced at the end of the campaign, we decided to extend for another 30 days to allow enough time for people to purchase and get the word out on the new product.

Support: Indiegogo’s Campaign Strategy Team was was tremendous in providing us insight on what worked well and what didn’t with other successful campaigns.

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Q4: If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

We would wait until we were in a further stage of production in order to provide better delivery expectations.

Q5: What is your best advice for someone who wants to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Make sure you are ready for the tsunami. Every campaigner will warn you that you need to be dedicated to your campaign, almost 24/7, and it’s true. Forget other projects! Make sure you are prepared and have a solid customer service team ready to support backer inquiries from the beginning of the campaign until delivery. Most of all, make sure you can meet your delivery promises before making them. It’s not over until your product is shipping!

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Q6: What kind of impact have you seen since your campaign ended?

The success of the campaign changed the landscape of our company. It has allowed us to grow our team in areas that need to scale to ensure the business is successful and profitable. It also helped us meet key players in the manufacturing and venture capital sectors.

Q7: What’s next for The Core?

Lots of great retail opportunity worldwide. Coming to a store near you!

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