Indiegogo CES 2016

Only a few days left until one of the biggest consumer technology events of the year: CES! CES 2016 is taking place January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas and we’re so excited to be a part of the show for the third year. We’re bringing some truly inspiring and incredible crowdfunded startups and enterprise products to the Indiegogo Zone, located right in the middle of Eureka Park at Booth 80446. If you’re attending CES this year, make sure you stop by to say hello to Indiegogo campaigners, partners and crowdfunding experts ready to guide creators through bringing ideas from concept to market.  Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a crowdfunded perk at the Indiegogo Zone, and follow along with #gogoCES!

Here’s what to expect at the Indiegogo Zone (Booth 80446) this year:

Indiegogo Campaigners and Startups

Every day, hundreds of creative entrepreneurs choose Indiegogo for their crowdfunding campaigns. We’re excited to host 6 of our innovative campaigners at the Indiegogo Zone this year.

Butterfleye Indiegogo CES


Booth 80550

With home security devices becoming more and more accessible, Butterfleye stepped in to create an efficient product that helps you save time, energy, storage and bandwidth by only recording the moments that matter. Butterfleye raised over $628K and is part of Indiegogo InDemand. As part of our new collaboration with Target, you can find Butterfleye exclusively at Target Open House in San Francisco.

Hexoskin Indiegogo CES

Hexoskin 2.0

Booth 80450

In 2013, the makers of Hexoskin created the first biometric shirt for sports training and sleep tracking. After raising more than $160,000 on Indiegogo, Hexoskin is now raising additional funds through a brand-new Indiegogo campaign for their latest product, Hexoskin Smart.

PlexiDrone Indiegogo CES


Booth 80549

Drones were one of the biggest trends in consumer electronics in 2015, and DreamQii, the makers of PlexiDrone, wanted to make one that was user-friendly yet high quality. PlexiDrone raised over $1M during their original campaign, plus an additional $1.2M since entering Indiegogo InDemand and are now accepting pre-orders on their campaign page.

Mars Speaker Indiegogo CES

Mars Speaker by Crazybaby

Booth 80551

Mars by Crazybaby, a levitating wireless speaker with Hi-Fi sound, is an innovative fusion of music and design. After raising more than $800K in January, Crazybaby has already shipped to early backers and is accepting additional orders via Indiegogo InDemand.

Nudock Indiegogo CES


Booth 80451

NuDock, an elegantly designed connected smart dock, provides a solid foundation for your iPhone and Apple Watch as well as a multifunctional smart LED lamp. An additional USB charging port makes it easy for you to charge all your devices at once. Since launching in April 2015, NuDock has raised over $783K and is available via Indiegogo InDemand.

WowWee CHiP Robot Dog Indiegogo CES

WowWee CHiP

Booth 80449

Personal robots are becoming a reality, and WowWee wants your family to have a robotic dog to play with. CHiP (Canine Home Intelligent Pet) can do it all, from recognizing your voice to playing fetch. WowWee will be launching their Indiegogo campaign soon, but until then, you can play with ChiP at the show.

In addition to these 6 Indiegogo Zone exhibitors, there are many other Indiegogo campaigners (both past and current) exhibiting at the show. Check out our CES Collections page to see which campaigners you can find in Vegas this year.

Indiegogo Partners

Indiegogo is the place for entrepreneurial projects to move quickly from concept to market. Our latest partnerships with Shock Top, Brookstone and GE FirstBuild each provide a unique opportunity to Indiegogo entrepreneurs.

Shock Top

Booth 80546

We teamed up with Shock Top for Shock The Drought, a program created to identify, fund and distribute water-saving innovations. So far, Drop-A-Brick and EvaDrop have both received funding through this program, with more water-saving campaigns being considered to help the world conserve water.

Shock Top Indiegogo CES


Booth 80547

To help entrepreneurial campaigns move from concept to market quicker than ever before, we linked up with Brookstone Launch to bring Indiegogo-funded campaigns to stores nationwide and online. Learn more about our new partnership and how you can get involved.

Brookstone Indiegogo CES

GE FirstBuild

Booth 80548

FirstBuild, a subsidiary of GE Appliances, recently raised funding on Indiegogo to validate their market demand, receive real customer feedback and connect with their audience in a new way. Both the Paragon Induction Cooktop and Opal Nugget Ice Maker campaigns provided valuable insights for FirstBuild to create the next generation of major home appliances.

GE FirstBuild Indiegogo CES


Indiegogo Crowdfunding Experts and Events

Whether you’re just curious about the latest blockbusters in crowdfunded technology and design, or ready to bring your own idea to life via Indiegogo, our expert team will be on the floor and speaking at events, ready to meet you and help empower you to make your dreams a reality. We’ll also be speaking and hosting events throughout the week. Take note of our schedule so you don’t miss out!

3:00 PMTechStars pitch competition: IOT & WearablesEureka Park; Sands, Level 1, Hall G; Booth 80050Kate Drane, Sr. Director of Outreach, Tech & Hardware

Wednesday 1/6

Time Event Location Indiegogo Expert
9:45 AM Fitness Tech panel: The Crowdfunding Revolution, How is it reshaping your “Ticket to Launch?” Venetian, Level 4; Lando 4303 Kate Drane, Sr. Director of Outreach, Tech & Hardware
11:00 AM TechCrunch Battlefield Sands Lobby – SV-3 Slava Rubin, CEO
11:00 AM TechStars panel: Indiegogo Presents: Crowdfunding: Changing the way products are launch Eureka Park; Sands, Level 1, Hall G; Booth 80050 Kate Drane, Sr. Director of Outreach, Tech & Hardware
2:30 PM CNET panel LVCC South Hall Upper Lobby Slava Rubin, CEO

Thursday 1/7

Time Event Location Indiegogo Expert
2:00 PM The Verge: How Indiegogo helps entrepreneurs beyond just the funding LVCC Central Hall – Space 15030 Slava Rubin, CEO

Friday 1/8

Time Event Location Indiegogo Expert
11:00 AM TechStars panel: finding your path to market – from direct to distribution Eureka Park; Sands, Level 1, Hall G; Booth 80050 John Vaskis, Sr. Director of Hardware, Design & Technology
2:00 PM Engadget Fireside Chat LVCC Grand Lobby (GL-12) Central Hall Slava Rubin, CEO
3:00 PM TechStars pitch competition: Connectivity & Lifestyle Eureka Park; Sands, Level 1, Hall G; Booth 80050 Evan Cohen, Sr. Director of Hardware, Design & Technology


For more information about our presence at CES, visit our CES page and follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #gogoCES.


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