May 17, 2016 · IGG, Tips & Insights

Trust us, You’ll Want to Bookmark our Essential Guide to Crowdfunding



Unsure how to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Looking for promotion ideas? Want to hear how other campaigners hit their goals? Taking your idea from concept to market is a fun and exciting journey – and at every step, creators like you should have access to guidance, encouragement, and answers to all your questions.

That’s why we’ve launched The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding, created by Indiegogo’s expert team of campaign specialists who’ve guided thousands of campaigns to big wins.

The Essential Guide is designed to educate and navigate you through the launch of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Each chapter will take you through a different part of the process – from planning and preparing to creating and running your very own campaign.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in the guide:

The guide is meant to help crowdfunders of every level learn the ins and outs of running a successful campaign. So, don’t wait. Head on over the Essential Guide to Crowdfunding.


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