Arrow Electronics Indiegogo partnership
May 20, 2016 · IGG

Introducing a New Partnership with Arrow Electronics


Arrow Electronics Indiegogo partnership

Dream it. Fund it. Make it. Ship it. This is the mantra behind Indiegogo’s mission to empower entrepreneurs to bring their ideas from concept to market. Today, we’re excited to announce that Indiegogo is teaming up with Arrow Electronics, the worldwide technology company providing products and services to guide innovation, to create a groundbreaking new crowdfund-to-production platform aimed at accelerating the pace of innovation for technology and Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurs.

Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics

Through this partnership, qualifying tech campaigns on Indiegogo will be eligible for direct online access to Arrow’s design tools, engineering experts, prototype services, manufacturing support and even supply chain management—a total package of benefits worth up to $500,000. Arrow will also feature select technology campaigns on and the Arrow technology-focused media network, which generates over 50 million page views per month. Arrow’s unique experience collaborating with the world’s largest technology brands in a variety of industries makes it a trusted partner for Indiegogo’s tech entrepreneurs seeking to bring cutting-edge electronic products to consumers worldwide.

Recently, Solar Roadways, who raised more than $2.2 million in 2014 for their project to turn roads into renewable energy sources, started working with Arrow to install the first solar roads in Idaho.

Are you a tech campaigner on Indiegogo and want to learn more about how to participate in the Arrow partnership? Click here to learn more.

Bringing Ideas to Life

From Indiegogo InDemand, our solution for raising money after the crowdfunding campaign ends, to strategic collaborations with retailers like Amazon and Brookstone and our latest partnership with Celery to give entrepreneurs a powerful pre-order and ecommerce solution, we’re dedicated to helping our campaigners bring their ideas to life. Now, the new partnership makes Arrow a key component of Indiegogo’s efforts to support the entire product lifecycle for entrepreneurs, from idea and funding to design, manufacturing and retail-selling.

The Arrow-Indiegogo collaboration will enable successfully crowdfunded companies to scale faster than ever before to bring their products to market.

– Matt Anderson, Chief Digital Officer at Arrow

Accelerating Innovation with Indiegogo

Last year, GE’s FirstBuild validated product-market fit and brought ideas to market quicker than ever through the Paragon Induction Cooktop and Opal Nugget Ice Maker campaigns. Shock Top looked to the crowd for water-saving solutions during a critical drought in California with Shock the Drought, discovering fresh, innovative ideas and bringing them to wider audiences. Now, Arrow is the latest business to use crowdfunding to innovate faster, helping Indiegogo’s creative community of tech entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life effectively and successfully. Curious what Enterprise Crowdfunding can do for your business? Learn more here.

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