October 14, 2016 · IGG

Design A Professional Campaign Page in Minutes



We’re making it easier than ever to polish your campaign and attract new backers. Indiegogo is teaming up with the expert visual storytellers at Piktochart to offer entrepreneurs a new, slick template to design a campaign page in a matter of minutes.

After all, not all crowdfunding campaigners are design-savvy. Much of your focus is on your product, so a simple template to communicate your message could be a huge timesaver.

The power of visual storytelling

When someone looks at your campaign, you only have a matter of seconds to make an impression. The best way to grab them is visual design—a photograph of someone using your innovative technology, or a colorful infographic that illustrates the impact of your project. A glance can show off your idea much faster than words.

Innovative visuals are critical to a campaign’s success. In fact, campaigns with a pitch video raise four times more than campaigns without one!

Strong visual storytelling also establishes trust. A well-designed page with clear subject headings, consistent spacing, and informative graphics, can immediately inspire trust in a first-time viewer.

It shows that you put in the time and care necessary to create a truly great project.

Our new crowdfunding campaign template

Many campaigners know that they need to have compelling images to be successful, but they don’t know what kind of images to include and where they might go on the page. That’s where our partnership with Piktochart comes in.

Made just for Indiegogo campaigners, a highly customizable template was created by five designers at Piktochart. They included the visuals that have worked best for Indiegogo campaigns throughout the years.

The template makes it a no-brainer to structure and format your campaign. A full-sized image and a description allow you to summarize your big idea with a powerful visual punch.

The design works flexibly across categories, with many personalized options that fit your campaign—and sell it. You can delete or duplicate sections. An infographic template gives non-designers the power to easily make timelines, charts, and icon-oriented graphics to efficiently show backers the impact of your idea.

Now, anyone can create a campaign page with a professional look and feel. We’re excited to see what people do with this powerful tool.

Inspiration from Indiegogo campaigners

To help inspire your creation, we’re sharing one of our favorite visual storytelling examples from a past Indiegogo campaign.

Cuddle & Kind: 

Cuddle & Kind are handknit dolls made by Peruvian artisans, and part of each contribution goes towards providing meals for hungry children. This campaign uses both images and infographics to show the scope and impact of the project.

The top of the campaign page introduces all of the dolls with pictures, names and quotes.



Infographics show how the dolls are made, with different font sizes and colors for emphasis.

Combining product photos with infographics helps backers understand both the product and its impact in a matter of seconds.

Take a look at the new template and launch a campaign with the professional polish to make it to the top! Get started today.