October 13, 2016 · Tips & Insights

Fast-Forward to Your Film’s Premiere With These Tips



As a filmmaker, you’ve probably dreamed about your film’s debut for a long time. Only, recently did you start fantasizing about the funding to make it a reality.

We won’t lie: Fundraising for a film is hard work, but it’s easier than you might fear. You’ve probably heard of the many successful indie directors who have launched their movies on Indiegogo, like the Sundance film, Dear White People. These moviemakers aren’t out of your league—they could become your peers.

Indiegogo has supported film campaigns for nearly a decade, and we have learned so much from their strategies. Although each movie campaign was unique, they all had something in common that you already have the skills to ace: They tell human stories.

Now, we want to share the insights we’ve collected through years of guiding movies from the rough premise to the big premiere. We want you to be the next moviemaker we brag about.

That’s why we’ve created a free, updated Second Edition of the Film Handbook. We want you to have the latest tools to make the big time.

If you’re curious about what’s inside, here’s a sneak preview:

5 tips to create a killer campaign video:

The campaign video (or pitch video) is the single most important part of your film campaign.

Campaigns with a video raise four times as much funding as campaigns that don’t have one. Do it — and keep your video to 2 to 3 minutes in length. You’re inviting your community to help make a great film with you. Here’s what most campaign videos typically include:

  1. Personal introduction. Tell us about you. Many filmmakers make the mistake of not appearing in their videos. Make no mistake: Be. In. Your. Video!
  2. Pitch. Now, tell us about your film, and mention the following:
    • Logline — What’s the story in one sentence? Keep it concise.
    • Purpose — Why are you crowdfunding? Is it for production funds? Post-production? Theatrical distribution? Let us know.
    • Perks — What’s a unique perk you’re offering in return for a contribution?
  3. Showcase. Show us what you can do as a filmmaker. Share clips of your prior work or footage from the film at hand. A laurel or two can’t hurt, either.
  4. Call to action. Don’t leave your crowd hanging. Tell them what to do next — which is to contribute, share, and be a part of your film.
  5. Avoid using only the film’s trailer as your campaign video. A trailer is a sales tool, not a crowdfunding tool. For many in your audience, backing your project is the same as backing you, so share who you are and how the money will be used. Say a few words about the film, and be as authentic and personable as possible, and you’ll be rewarded.

Our new Film Handbook also includes:

  • Simple ways for filmmakers to build their audience before launching.
  • Tips for stimulating excitement right before your launch date.
  • How to assemble the best crowdfunding team.
  • Tested advice on setting realistic perks, fundraising goals, and timelines.
  • How to maintain your momentum after the campaign.
  • Exclusive Indiegogo tools and partnerships for filmmakers.

Are you ready for your film’s debut? Step one: Raise the funding.

Make the most of your valuable time by downloading our free Film Handbook —today!