December 1, 2020 · IGG, In The News

Let’s Support Causes that Matter Together!


At Indiegogo, we believe that community has the power to accomplish some pretty incredible things. We see it every day in the campaigns you support, the causes you rally behind, and the projects you bring to life.

In an effort to extend our gratitude, we’re excited to announce a new way to bring the power of community to important causes around the world. Introducing a new beta platform feature, Tips for Indiegogo, which will be available starting this month and allow you to add a tip to any of your Indiegogo contributions, a portion of which we’ll donate to various causes that are important to the Indiegogo community. This way, we can harness the power of the Indiegogo community, and pass it on far and wide.

As always, thank you for being a member of the Indiegogo community. You already bring dreams to life by backing the campaigns you believe in. Now we’ll be able to amplify the goodwill together, and make the world a better place while doing it.

Happy Giving Tuesday! 

Andy Yang, Indiegogo CEO