This is a guest blog post by the MONCH Bar team. 

It’s no secret that pet parents love traveling with their pets. Whether it’s planning a day at the beach, taking an overdue trip to Grandpa’s house, or going on a spontaneous adventure with your dog, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Here are the five must-haves to bring with you when taking your dog on a road trip. 

1. Up-to-Date Dog Tags

Millions of pets are reported missing, lost, or injured every year. You should always have your dog’s information and dog tags up-to-date. Collars are the safest and most obvious place to display your dog’s ID tags. They make your pets easily identifiable and they ensure your contact information is accessible in the case your pet goes missing. 

2. Healthy Treats

Your pets can be unpredictable when exposed to different environments. It’s much easier to take a well-trained dog on the road versus a poorly behaved dog. This is where positive reinforcement comes in handy. If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably well aware of how a little positive reinforcement helps with successful dog training. 

When your dog does as they’re told, you should reward them with a grab-and-go all-natural dog treat like Monch Bar. These treats are packed with dog-friendly superfoods and they’re high in fiber, which keeps your dog fuller longer. They also contain antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and multiple sources of Omega-3, which is great for canine arthritis or kidney trouble.

Your dog will learn over time that listening and performing desired behaviors will be rewarded, whether with an all-natural treat, pets, or cuddles.

3. Transportable Beds and Crates for Overnight Stays

After a long day travel, we might feel the need to stretch our legs, walk around, and get the blood flowing again. But let’s face it: nothing feels better than jumping into a freshly made bed. Our dogs most likely feel the same. You’ll want to bring a collapsible crate or dog bed for overnight stays, helping your dog adapt to the new environment by giving them something familiar. Products like Spruce make it even easier to bring your dog’s bed on the road with you. 

You will want to make their bed or crate feel like home. Bringing along puppy toys or dog blankets will help get your dog acclimated to their new environment.

4. Poop Bags and Wipes

Don’t be a litterbug, or that person that doesn’t clean up after their dog! Picking up after your dog is a sign of a responsible dog owner. Bring along supplies such as compostable poop bags or certified bio-based wipes for easy clean up. Choosing eco-friendly options is good for the environment, too! 

5. Durable Dog Toys That Will Last

If your dog is motivated by play, consider bringing dog toys and facilitating some sort of entertainment to keep your dog occupied and provide mental stimulation during long travel. Depending on what type of personality your dog has, it’ll be important to bring durable dog toys like Kong or a Chuck-it ball or launcher. You want the toys to last the entire trip; they don’t do you much good if they get destroyed on day one!

On a long road trip, even the most experienced pet owner might find themselves with a stressed out and misbehaving furry companion. It should go without saying that you should never leave your dog alone in an unfamiliar environment, and with these tips and tricks, your road trips will be safer and more fun.

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