June 9, 2021 · IGG, In The News, Tips & Insights

Get Ready to Pitch Your Startup to Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful With These Three Tips


Got a business that you’d like to pitch to a Shark?

Equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine is back with its fourth quarterly pitch competition featuring Mr. Wonderful himself: the renowned host and investor on Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary. Five companies will be selected to pitch O’Leary LIVE on July 7, 2021 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET for a chance to win $25K in front of StartEngine’s community of founders, investors, and fans.

This is a competition you won’t want to miss. The free online event is open to anyone to watch, and if you’re a crowdfunding fan, you’ll love seeing entrepreneurs go head-to-head in this pitch battle.

One company will walk away with:

  • A $25K grant from Mr. Wonderful
  • A 1:1 business consultation with Activision & StartEngine Founder/CEO Howard Marks
  • 90% off one year of HubSpot’s Professional or Enterprise software
  • One full month of marketing strategy sessions with Hawke Media
  • A 1:1 consultation with an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Expert
  • An exclusive promotion package when you launch your next campaign on Indiegogo
  • A 50,000 point signup bonus and priority onboarding with Brex

Ready to give your idea a funding boost? Enter the StartEngine pitch competition here! The deadline to apply is June 30th at 12pm PT, so don’t wait!

Not ready to pitch, but still want to get in on the fun? RSVP as an audience member now!

How to spot a great pitch

What’s the best way to get the attention of a shark? We’re glad you asked. Here are three tips from Kevin O’Leary to help you get started with crafting your pitch.

1. Articulate your idea in 90 seconds or less

The elevator pitch structure is classic for a reason. You need to be able to get to the point fast. If you can’t win an investors attention in 90 seconds, you’re going to lose it. In that time, you should be able to convey:

  • What the business does.
  • How it works.
  • What the investment opportunity is.

If you can’t do that, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get much further. There are lots of other companies out there vying for resources, and you need to separate yourself from the pack from the get-go.

2. Why you and your co-founders can get the job done

Ok, your idea is great. But do you have the know-how to make it a reality? As O’Leary has been known to say, “Execution is everything.” Your team needs to be able to demonstrate that you have a plan for making your company successful, and that your team in particular has the skills and experience to execute that plan.

3. Know the numbers

Be prepared to get down to brass tacks. During your pitch, you’ll need to demonstrate that you know and understand the numbers: whether your revenue is growing, how much it costs to make your product, the size of your industry, who the competition is, and more. If you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t know your business, and it will be hard to convince others to invest in you during your pitch.

Now that you know how to master your pitch, you’re ready to enter the StartEngine pitch competition! Enter by June 30th at 12pm PT to get a chance to pitch LIVE for Mr. Wonderful and win a $25K grant.

You can also RSVP to attend this free event as an audience member.

About StartEngine and Indiegogo

Indiegogo has teamed up with StartEngine to support entrepreneurs and give them a boost. StartEngine is the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S., where everyday people can find and invest in early-growth companies and startups. StartEngine has helped over 500 companies raise $350M+ from a community of 400,000 prospective investors.

Enter the StartEngine pitch competition today!