November has ended and our cornucopia is overflowing with some truly incredible campaigns. There’s some incredible innovative tech heating up on Indiegogo just as temperatures really start to cool off. So what topped the charts in November 2021? What were the top crowdfunding campaigns last month?  We’re here to give you the scoop.

Urtopia Carbon Electric Bike

  • $1,980,199 USD
  • 790 backers
  • Hong Kong

Urtopia boasts being one of the lightest eBikes on the market thanks to its carbon fiber frame. Clocking in at 30 lbs (13 kg), it’s easy for bikers to carry around which is particularly useful for commuters who need their bike to be portable enough to go up and down subway stairs. The Urtopia also gives riders an experience that’s as close to riding an analog bike as possible. But Urtopia aims further than just providing a powered ride. The bike packs a variety of built-in smarts that make it a veritable ‘tech’ product too. There’s voice control, a built-in alarm system, turn-by turn-navigation, turn signals, radar, and more. 


  • $874,964 USD
  • 637 backers
  • Philadelphia, United States

We all love rolling around in the grass. But mowing that grass? Not so much. Luckily the Novabot has you covered both figuratively and literally. Figuratively because lawn mowing is a chore that this robot will handle for you from now on. Literally because the Novabot uses AI, RTK-GPS System, and self-driving technology to cover your entire lawn with it’s hungry mowing blades. And bonus: it’ll detect the edges of your lawn and trim the borders without wires. Other robotic mowers require you to set up perimeter cables before use, which is a huge pain in the butt. Novabot doesn’t need cabes. Novabot gets it. We told you that Novabot had you covered. 

Pocket 3

  • $898,322 USD
  • 874 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

GPD HK is at it again. The Pocket 3 is the latest of 14 crowdfunding campaigns the electronics masters have run on Indiegogo. This little guy is a fully featured handheld modular PC. It combines the best features of GPD HK’s Pocket 2, MicroPC and P2 Max. It’s an all-around productivity tool that can fit in your pocket and allow you to get more done wherever you are. Pocket 3 features by far the most advanced design for top comprehensive functions. By using modular I/O ports, it allows users to meet the needs in different application scenarios by choosing different functional modules.

  • $563,117 USD
  • 590 backers
  • Whistler, Canada is a female-founded personalized neurotechnology company. If you’ve ever felt like your brain was capable of more — more focus, more productivity, more creativity and calm — get ready. Because in just 20 minutes a day and 3 times a week,’s patent-pending neurotechnology delivers the most comprehensive brain training solution ever offered at home. Now you can optimize your brainwaves anywhere, any time: Uber rides, planes or your backyard. In just 8 weeks, take your brain performance to another level.

Triple 4K Display Dock for MacBook Pro 2016-2021

  • $525,805 USD
  • 3,095 backers
  • Fremont, United States

Need to connect a MacBook to 2 or 3 extended displays? Stop dealing with dongles. Throw away products that would limit your capabilities. Your days of jockeying around messy solutions are over. Instead, you should check out this driverless Triple 4K Display Dock for triple 4K 60Hz native video with 15 connective ports. 3 flexible USB-C cables (included) allow you to connect to your MacBook, while future-proofing the dock for additional generations. They also ensure compatibility with Chromebook and PC devices. And the dock fits neatly underneath your laptop for a sleek and tidy look.

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