November 3, 2021 · Lists, Products

Trending Transportation: E-Bikes and Electric Vehicles


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s transportation crowdfunding campaigns! Whether you’re commuting to work or going on a trip with your friends, we know you want to get there in style. These are some of our favorite crowdfunding campaigns for sleek, innovative modes of transport. And when you take them for a spin, you’ll have everyone wondering if that blur zooming past could, in fact, be Superman. 

But keep in mind: Not everything can move at the speed of light. Crowdfunding is not shopping, which means that when you support a crowdfunding campaign you’re supporting a project that isn’t usually ready to ship. Crowdfunders seek funding at all stages of product development. It can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed. But these stylish eBikes, scooters, and bike accessories are worth the wait.

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike

Fiido X has innovated on traditional eBikes by creating a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. It has a lighter and sturdier body than traditional eBikes, and provides easy-to-use pedal-assisting power and intelligent cycling control. And the folding design allows you to easily pop it in your car or store it in your apartment. The company was founded in 2016 and has already delivered more than 300K Fiido electric bicycles to customers worldwide. This is Fiido’s second Indiegogo campaign — they launched Fiido D11 on Indiegogo last year. And in the time since, they’ve taken all that backer feedback to create the Fiido X, an even better and more streamlined eBike. The future of eBikes starts here.

The Phantom Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

30 miles per hour on a skateboard?! With the Phantom Direct Drive Electric Skateboard, it’s possible. This electric skateboard will let you absolutely shred hills and achieve insane speeds on a board that’s compact and lightweight enough to go anywhere. The batteries pack so much juice, you can go 30 miles on a single charge. And this fast ride is no flash in the pan: The carbon fiber board is built to last, ​​giving it unmatched strength and a look that’s guaranteed to turn heads! 

The Biomega EIN Weightless Bike Trailer

Whether it’s tiny humans or tons of stuff, we all find ourselves needing to haul stuff around on our bikes from time to time. The EIN features a sleek, white, monocoque capsule that can easily fit in the bike lane — no more oversized trailers trapping you in traffic! It can accommodate either a couple of kids or some serious cargo, which means it can conveniently adapt to what you need. The intelligent, rechargeable digital motor detects motion in the bike and responds with its own power, in proportion, creating a ‘weightless’ cruising experience. And the simple, safe locking mechanism makes it easy to latch it on and off as needed.

Scotsman All-Carbon Fiber Scooter

Get a scooter custom made for you. The Scotsman All-Carbon Fiber Scooter is made bespoke for each rider’s purpose and personal style. Pick from 3 motor levels (500W, 1000W, 2000W), dual battery bays with two performance level batteries (500Wh & 550Wh), and 7 distinct colors. You can even explore creating your own scooter with their Studio Configurator. It also folds down in seconds for easy transport and compact storage. Thanks to carbon fiber’s high strength-to-weight ratio, Scotsman doesn’t have to use much of it to create a large, strong, but light structure. The scooter’s large ten-inch wheels, generous 8-inch wide deck, and long-wheelbase work together to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

Reevo Hubless E-Bike

Spokes and hubs, who needs ‘em? That’s the idea behind Reevo. They’ve cracked the code on spokeless, hubless wheels and are attaching them to a lightweight e-bike frame so you can turn heads while you’re turning the cranks. In addition to just being crazy sci-fi cool, the hubless design makes the bike nearly theft-proof, as the wheels will only spin once activated by the Reevo e-bike app. The groundbreaking design also affords riders with extra storage space — IN THE CENTER of the wheel rim! Here at Indiegogo, we look forward to seeing what kinds of new bike tricks Reevo riders come up with, like maybe kicking a ball through the wheel while the bike’s in motion. How cool would that be? GOOAALL!

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