Whether you’re making a gourmet dinner on your camping trip or getting your friends and family together for a Covid-safe outdoor meal, the right gear can make all the difference. On Indiegogo, you’ll find a lot of innovative products for setting up a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen. Take this gear with you to even the most rugged locales, and you can channel your inner chef and your inner nature guru at the same time.

Friendly disclaimer: These products are in various stages of development, so you’ll have to be patient about receiving them. Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed. 

FireTower Foldable Rocket Stove

Any camper will tell you: No matter how small your camp stove, many designs still require you to bring along a bulky fuel canister to get the flame going. Rocket stoves are a great alternative because they’re designed to be used with twigs, sticks, and other biofuels. The FireTower is an innovative take on the rocket stove. Its design and shape create natural airflow in the stove, which means there is no need for batteries or fans to make the fire burn well. And the angle of the fueling pipe makes it easy to refuel, even while cooking. It’s also lightweight and can fold down to the size of a small book, making it a great choice for backpackers. 

SimpleReal Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware

You’re going to need some foldable cookware to go with that foldable stove. SimpleReal’s camping pot can hold over a liter of food, yet collapses down to a small disc for easy storage and portability. It’s made of heavy-duty stainless steel that’s only 3 centimeters thick and comes with a detachable handle and a versatile storage bag. Got leftovers? The silicone top allows you to easily put the rest of your food away. It’s also sturdy and durable: the patented latches and leakproof silicone gaskets keep the pot’s structure strong and heavy-load resistant. Once the latches are locked in place, you won’t need to worry about the cookware collapsing while cooking meals or carrying leftovers in your backpack. 

ROTO-Q 360 Non-Electric Self-Rotating Rotisserie

While we’re talking foldable outdoor cookware, we should also talk about this foldable rotisserie. Make mouth-watering rotisserie on a grill, firepit, outdoor fireplace, and more with the ROTO-Q 360 Rotisserie. ROTO-Q 360 self-rotates, automating the entire rotisserie process so that all you need to do is set it up, turn it on, and let it do its job. ROTO-Q 360 does not need any power, gas, or fuel to run making it the ultimate in rotisserie convenience – putting healthy delicious cuisine always within your reach. This collapsable rotisserie is only 5.5 pounds, making it easy to carry in a backpack to wherever an outdoor adventure might take you. And if your adventures are keeping you indoors for now, the ROTO-Q 360 can be used in your oven to create juicy rotisserie for a cozy gameday treat. 

nCamp Food Prep Knife

There are only a few folding knives designed for food preparation and even fewer that are truly up to the job. Enter the nCamp Food Prep Knife! The nCamp Food Prep Knife is a high-quality knife designed for those who want to take their outdoor experience to another level. These knives were made to maximize ease of use: The handle design was informed by extensive ergonomic testing and can comfortably accommodate a variety of gripping styles. The blade is scalloped at the balance point, allowing for a gradual transition between the handle and blade. And the top of the handle is closed, which is not always the case with folding knives, and it makes the nCamp Food Prep Knife comfortably rigid in your palm.

Dedfish Portable Kitchen Knife Set

Any chef will tell you that their most important tool is their knife. Without a good knife, you can’t complete any real work, since almost any dish will require at least some slicing and dicing. So if you’re going to be cooking in the wilderness, why would you want to compromise on your tools? The Dedfish Co. portable kitchen knife set features two knives made with the highest quality Japanese Damascus & German steel blades. They come in a bamboo case that folds out into a full-size cutting board, giving you everything you need to do food prep, no matter where you are. And the best part? Dedfish Co. keeps everything sustainable! From the cutting board and case materials to the knives’ wooden handles, every piece is ethically sourced. 

Searzall Pro

Almost a decade ago, the original Searzall revolutionized hand-held cooking by putting the power of a bed of coals right in your palm. After selling more than 250,000 original Searzalls worldwide, the makers are back with the next generation: the Searzall Pro. The Searzall Pro instantly puts the power of controlled fire in your hands. It’s a carefully engineered blowtorch attachment that shapes and moderates the naked torch flame to make it infinitely more cooking and flavor-friendly. Use the Searzall Pro indoors or outdoors and use it to beautifully finish sous-vide and low-temperature meats and other foods without the unsavory aromas typically associated with a blowtorch

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