Gamers: February was your month on Indiegogo. Two handheld gaming devices made the list of February 2022’s top crowdfunding campaigns. Last month, Steam released its new Steam Deck, and crowdfunded handheld gaming devices Odin and Aya Neo were all over the internet as some of Steam Deck’s best alternatives and closest competition, which brought a lot of fresh attention to these Indiegogo favorites. But gaming devices weren’t the only stars on Indiegogo last month. XFoil’s versatile three-in-one surfboard, stand-up paddleboard, and hydrofoil; Deeper Network’s decentralized VPN; and Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand Graphic Novel all made the list as well.

Friendly disclaimer: These products are in various stages of development, so you’ll have to be patient about receiving them. Crowdfunding isn’t shopping, and it can sometimes take months to receive a perk from a campaign you’ve backed. 

Ready to check out the February 2022 top crowdfunding campaigns? Keep reading to see them all!

Odin: The Ultimate Gaming Handheld

  • $2,467,841 USD
  • 7,268 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

This powerful handheld device, designed with the retro gamer in mind, is giving the most popular gaming consoles a run for their money. Running Android and powered by some of the latest mobile internal hardware, the Ayn Odin will pack enough punch to run the most demanding of mobile games at top settings without breaking a sweat, while also being able to emulate 3D consoles. This lightweight handheld promises to be a contender for the hearts and thumbs of serious handheld gamers the world over.

XFoil: Electric Carbon Fiber Surf & Hydrofoil

  • $1,263,071 USD
  • 254 backers
  • Fremont, United States

If you love doing sports on the water, XFoil is your new best friend. Stand-up paddleboard? Check. Powered surfboard? Check. Hydrofoil surfboard? Check. XFoil is all three in one. XFoil is a carbon fiber electric watercraft that can glide on the surface and above the water for riding in lakes, rivers, and oceans. It’s compact, lightweight and can reach speeds comparable to high performance speed boats. It’s also designed to be the easiest board to learn on. Whether you’re a water sports beginner or an expert, XFoil allows you to build riding confidence in progressive steps.

Deeper Connect Pico

  • $3,348,156 USD
  • 10,624 backers
  • Santa Clara, United States

Deeper Connect Pico is the world’s thinnest, lightest, and smallest cybersecurity hardware device. This powerful pocket-sized device integrates with a seven-layer enterprise-grade firewall and features the world’s one and only Decentralized VPN (DPN). This plug-and-play gadget is great for frequent travelers, allowing you to enjoy a safe and fast private network anytime and anywhere. Simply use the included wifi adapter to quickly set up your device whether you’re at home or on the go, and you can use the internet securely in a flash. Unlike VPN, DPN has no centralized servers, giving you ultimate control over your own encrypted data, and allowing you a censorship-free democratic internet with no speed dropping.

Aya Neo Next: Future Windows Handheld For AAA Games

  • $2,298,040 USD
  • 2,552 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

Aya Neo Next makes a great handheld gaming PC even better. Aya Neo has already gained quite a bit of renown in the handheld gaming community, and the Aya Neo Next is their newest release. ​​The Aya Neo Next shares the same core DNA as the existing Pro models, like a Windows handheld PC with an AMD mobile processor and integrated Radeon Vega graphics, but it also boasts significant improvements in terms of build and moderate performance improvements. With exceptional ergonomics and improved performance, this is a gaming handheld that’s comfortable to hold and smooth to play.

Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand Graphic Novel

  • $408,958 USD
  • 4,548 backers
  • Mount Laurel, United States

Fantasy fans, this one’s for you. Brandon Sanderson is a legendary author of epic speculative fiction, and this graphic novel omnibus collects all three volumes of the White Sand tale into a massive nearly 500 page tome. Now you can get the complete story in one beautiful edition. The series is set on a desert world where a young Daysider man named Kenton trains to become a Sand Master, harnessing arcane magic to manipulate the planet’s sand. Following a surprise attack where many of his brethren are killed, Kenton must take responsibility to keep the order of Sand Masters alive and discover who betrayed them. This masterful tale will captivate you with powerful characters in an unfathomable world that only the masterwork of Sanderson can deliver!  

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