This is a guest post from Altis Movement Technologies. Views are their own.

Connected fitness has changed the way people work out at home. The explosion of the at-home fitness market has led to an overwhelming amount of options for people to sort through. So what should a connected fitness product do, and how do you know to choose the right one? At its best, the connected fitness market should provide you with an experience that you are truly connected to, realistic coaching that rivals even the best personal trainers, and a gamified experience that continuously motivates you

1. Make sure it’s connected to you

The biggest hurdle that any connected fitness product needs to overcome is connecting to its user – by seeing each user, and understanding their goals, capabilities, and limitations. It should meet you where you are. Just like a real personal trainer, your connected product should be able to detect each of your joints in real time, assessing and correcting your movements. When you step into the gym with a capable personal trainer, they work to adapt to your changing needs and set you up for success in your training. Connected fitness products should have the capabilities to replicate this experience from the comfort of your own home. You should choose a product that not only puts you on the right track, but changes and grows with you over time. 

2. It should have coaching and instruction features

Let’s face it, exercise can be painful – physically, due to an injury, or mentally, because you just don’t know what to do with your body. This is where high-quality instruction becomes essential both in the gym and at home. No two people are alike, so no two people should train alike. This alone should eliminate any product that streams pre-recorded workouts to hundreds or thousands of people. These products simply lack the care and customization to ensure that you are safely and correctly training. Your connected fitness product should understand this and help you to select the best exercises for your body and your goals. True quality instruction goes a step farther, not only helping to select exercises, but actually coaching them in real-time. You should be provided with instant feedback throughout your workout giving you confidence that what you’re doing is optimal and that you are on the right path.

3. Look for gamification and motivation programs

Even if you have the perfect training program, it will only work if you stick with it. Poor adherence is a major roadblock for most people on their fitness journeys. Training should be fun – it can be a part of your routine that you look forward to. Gamifying your fitness experience is something that your connected fitness product needs to do in order to help motivate and encourage you both during and after each workout. The best products out there are the ones that not only show you your performance in real-time, but help you to see the improvements that you are making. You should find a product that provides you with not only a personalized training program, but an overall experience that motivates you to keep training.

Altis is the AI Personal Trainer that puts together all of these factors into one complete at-home fitness experience. Powered by the world’s first Movement Operating System, Altis sees you, understands you, and personally instructs you. Altis gamifies your training through Altis Vision, a feature that shows you your body on screen in real time from an optimal angle to see and correct your movement along with easy to follow visuals. 

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