Author: Marinell Montales

GALLERY: Hold Your Own Exhibition

Haven't used your Gallery yet? What are you waiting for? Your GALLERY is a one-stop destination where you showcase your videos, photos and share downloadable files to your team members or fans. We encourage you to capture video footage or take pictures to document the progress of your campaign as it unfolds! 3 great reasons … read more

Campaigner Insight: The Tao of Crowd-Funding by John T. Trigonis

"The spirit of your pitch, your perks, and your promotion should be YOU"  — John T. Trigonis Over a year ago, filmmaker John T. Trigonis ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign for his short film Cerise. His success lead IndieGoGo to invite Trigonis to speak at various conferences and events in the New York City area … read more

Campaigner Insight: What Worked & What Didn’t for Tomasz Kaye

Here's a great video from Tomasz Kaye, an animator and designer based in the Netherlands, with some helpful tips on how to get prepared for your campaign and how to keep it alive. In summary, Tomasz recommends to: involve people in your team that are social media savvy remind people about your campaign but combine … read more


Campaign Profiles: Gadgets, Games, and Great Inventions

Three years ago, a great idea for a new tech product would have to be shopped around to various VCs for capital. The process of finding funding can be a true test of your commitment to your idea. Today, however, you can go right to your community and bring your vision to fruition. Check out … read more


How to Use Email to Raise the Most Money

This newsletter was recently delivered to our inbox and we thought we'd share it with you as an awesome example of how to engage your audience.  We encourage you to use Updates to communicate to your funders and followers (this raises your GoGoFactor!), and, you can compliment this with a snazzy direct email campaign like this one.  … read more