June 29, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Campaigner Insight: The Tao of Crowd-Funding by John T. Trigonis


"The spirit of your pitch, your perks, and your promotion should be YOU"

 — John T. Trigonis

Over a year ago, filmmaker John T. Trigonis ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign for his short film Cerise. His success lead IndieGoGo to invite Trigonis to speak at various conferences and events in the New York City area to share the lessons he learned about campaigning on IndieGoGo. He's given out his personal crowdfunding tips once or twice, and he always reiterates the importance of what he calls the "Three Ps of Crowd-Funding":

  1. The Pitch: Your First Impression is Everything
  2. The Perks: Again, This Isn’t About You
  3. Plenty of Promotion: Crowd-Funding is Another Word for Marketing

Pitch, Perks, Plenty of Promotion and the details he put into each are what Trigonis proclaims to be the heart of his successful campaign.


Trigonis's pitch video for CERISE

We want to share with you his most recent blog post, in which Trigonis goes over two successful IndieGoGo projects with a fine-toothed comb and studies the Three Ps of each one and the results they produced.

Whether you're a filmmaker or an entrepreneur, we're pretty sure that his blog post will give you nuggets of not-to-be-missed advice that will guide you to your goal!

To read Trigonis's blog post, click here:

The Tao of Crowd-Funding: Three Ps for a Successful Film Campaign