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This easy-to-use web application allows you to store and manage your contacts as well as add notes about the time and nature of your last communication with them. Perfect for groups managing a database of contacts and a great way to keep up with your audience after your campaign has ended. Pro version is about $8/month.


A totally simple online finance management system that links to your bank accounts and Paypal. Outright imports all your financial information and categorizes it, and also handles tax reporting (including estimated tax payments) so you can free yourself from accounting and focus on your creative work. Pro account is $10/month.


Lanyrd is an online tool that allows you to search for conferences to attend, track what's going on at the conferences (and who's in attendance), and compile slides, videos and podcasts from presentations so you can network and spread the word about your campaign in real life. Start by searching for upcoming conferences in your area.


We talk about doing PR for your campaign all the time. And while your pitch is certainly important, it also helps to know who to pitch to. Blogdash is an online tool that helps you find and contact bloggers in your niche. Pro accounts start at $30/month.



We encourage you to use social media as a way to engage people in conversation about your campaign. Timely is a free service that allows you to schedule your Tweets for "maximum impact." The site uses algorithms to determine the exact time to release your 140-character messages when they'll reach the most users. There is some debate over the authenticity of scheduled Tweets, but at the very least you can get a free estimate of your most effective publishing times by typing in your Twitter handle in their free trial box.