This newsletter was recently delivered to our inbox and we thought we'd share it with you as an awesome example of how to engage your audience. 

We encourage you to use Updates to communicate to your funders and followers (this raises your GoGoFactor!), and, you can compliment this with a snazzy direct email campaign like this one.  Check out what the "two dudes" behind the rcmnd (rek·uh·mend) campaign on IndieGoGo are doing. 

Picture 26 Picture 27

There is also a clear call to action here, and a short, concise message. Another great thing about this newsletter is that the picture of Rory makes it personal.  The "Hey friend" and the list of funders also adds a lot of personal touch, making this campaign feel familiar.  People give money to people and stories, and as Slava, our CEO, says: "transactions are out, relationships are in."

Are you putting your personal touch in people's inbox?