May 18, 2011 · Tips & Insights

How to Keep People Involved AFTER Your Campaign


Thank you card

It's important to keep your contributors and fans involved in your campaign even after your funding period has ended. Here's why:

– Staying in touch makes it easier to reach out when you start another crowdfunding campaign.

– Maintaining relationships shows an appreciation that goes beyond a thank you or a perk, and keeps your audience involved in your ideas beyond fundraising time.

But what are some good ways to keep your audience involved even after your IndieGoGo campaign has ended?

Capture their email addresses.

Grab their email addresses and keep them up-to-date with regular emails about your current and future campaigns, news from your organization, and updates on what you're doing with the money you raised on IndieGoGo.

Ask them to volunteer.

Some people may be willing to contribute more than funds to your campaign. Give your audience a way to get involved in your idea in a real way by putting them to work in your organization.

Start a Facebook Page.

Take a minute to start a Facebook Page or Group for your organization or idea. At the conclusion of your IndieGoGo campaign, use the Updates feature to send a message to your supporters with a link to your Facebook Page so they can get future updates.

Don't forget those perks!

Remember to honor your contributors by distributing your perks in a timely manner.

Send a thank you.

Use the Updates feature to send everyone who contributed to or favorited your campaign a thank you message with details on how to get further involved (using the ideas above).

Photo courtesy Flickr user hellojenuine.