Xstylus crayon

I know some people who literally can't wait to get their hands on this smart design innovation.

After a year of drafting, designing, tweaking and prototyping, campaign owner Elton Leung came up with a design for a comfortable stylus which can be stored in the original pen slot of the Nintendo handheld game console, replacing the tiny, hard-to-hold stylus included with the original unit.

The best thing about this campaign? Contributing gets you on the pre-order list for your very own "IndieGoGo Special Edition" XStylus Crayon.

Not only that, but Elton is smartly using his campaign page as a platform to spread news about his new design, including a call-out for video game reviewers to contact him for a prototype to use in their reviews.

Read more about this innovative idea on the XStylus' campaign page.