What to do crowdfunding campaign fails Here at IndieGoGo, we want all of you to reach — even exceed — your campaign funding goals so that you can reach your real goals: finishing the projects you set out to do.

But we know that, from time to time, projects don't reach their funding goals. If this happens to you we want to make it easier for you to stay positive, and take advantage of the opportunities you've created at IndieGoGo even if you haven't reached your ultimate financial endpoint. 

Remember: FUNDING isn't the end goal of your project. Seeing your idea realized is.

Here are 5 things you can do to redirect your funding shortfall into continued success for your ultimate goal.

1. Thank Your Supporters

Whether you meet your funding goal or not, it's imperative that you take the time to offer a big thank you to those people who backed you financially. Be honest with them. Let them know that, even though you did not reach your funding goal, you will still use what funds you did raise to complete your project. Inform them what your next steps will be and how you will get there now.

2. Use the Momentum

Your campaign has undoubtedly generated some interest in your project. If you've spent the past few weeks or months communicating about your project on IndieGoGo, keep talking. People are still interested in what you're doing even if you're not asking them for financial support!

3. Keep it Visible

Did you build up any press or blogger contacts while you were in campaign mode? Did you send out any press releases? Keep your media contacts informed about your campaign. It's even okay to let them know you didn't reach your funding goal, especially if you have other news to communicate about what your next steps will be. Don't fall out of the public eye!

4. Analyze Your Work

Use the tools we provide to analyze what worked and what didn't in your campaign.  You can apply this information to decisions you make about future approaches or campaigns. For instance, what updates elicited the most responses? What outreach (Facebook, reaching out to local media, sending emails to all your relatives) seem to have the most impact?

5. Start Another IndieGoGo Campaign!

The beauty of IndieGoGo is that you can operate as many campaigns as you want — even simultaneously! You are free to start the process over again and set another goal. However, we recommend focusing on a different project or different PART of your project. For instance, if you started off raising funds for your 2011/2012 theater season, maybe your second campaign should focus simply on building sets for that season, or paying actors.

Remember: with IndieGoGo you STILL have access to ALL your funds (less the 9% fee) even if you DON'T reach your goal. But don't let that fact ease you into complacency. Keep pushing yourself to reach your financial goals and don't give up your hard work even if you don't quite get there.

Image courtesy dajanzen via Flickr.