November 12, 2010 · Behind The Scenes

Some Ways Musicians and Fans Are Using IndieGoGo


Check out the variety of ways both musicians and fans are using IndieGoGo to fundraise:




This long-running Chicago-based music television show is getting the chance to air on a major network, but before that happens JBTV needs to raise $8,500 to pay for special broadcast insurance. This is no cable access nobody show, either. Past guests have included Chrissy Hynde, Billy Corrigan, Wolfmother, Saves the Day, Metric and more. And for a donation of $1000 or more you get to appear on an episode of JBTV introducing a music video or a song of your choice.


Television city

Television City Is Almost Finished

The age-old story: the album is finished, and now we’re out of money. L.A.-based musician Liz Pappademas is releasing a concept album called Television City, based on a fictional 1970s game show. Because she was looking for a “smooth sounds of the ’70s” feel to this concept record, the slick production costs were higher than usual. Everything’s been laid down, now she’s raising funds to master the album and press the recording. Cool perk? A $15 donation gets you a “kick-ass mix CD of songs that inspired Television City.”


Agent ribbons european tour

Agent Ribbons European Tour

This Austin-based band (who’ve toured in the past with Camera Obscura) is raising funds to support their upcoming European tour after a rough year. Okay, they’re not offering any perks, but at least they’re straightforward about it: “This project in particular isn’t very sparkling because we aren’t really offering you anything…  So, we’re trying to keep the goal as modest as possible.  If 100 people pitch in $5, we’ll be able to survive on our trip, and we have over 100 fans in France alone!  If you want to see us, help us get over there, basically!”


Autumn sky

Autumn Sky’s New Album

Autumn Sky is using IndieGoGo to raise $600 to pay for studio time for Hallelujah Chorus, her second album. You can check out some of her videos here — definitely click if you’re a fan of the ukulele. If you contribute to her campaign, you get a copy of the finished album.


Atlanta jewish music fest

Atlanta Jewish Music Festival 2011

The AJMF brings fresh, cutting-edge live music celebrating Jewish heritage and culture to the city of Atlanta “while connecting Atlanta to the global Jewish music renaissance,” and fostering a more vibrant Jewish community throughout the Southeast. They’re seeking funds on to help put up the festival, which takes place in May, 2011.