November 10, 2010 · Tips & Insights

9 Smart Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Campaign


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After email, Facebook is the most powerful ‘share’ tool you have in your arsenal. It is responsible for eliciting more contributions to campaigns on IndieGoGo than any other social networking tool.

However, some of us fear “blasting” our friends and family repeatedly with the same message. So today we wanted to share with you a few super-smart tactics for wisely using Facebook to get the message out about your campaign.

1. Create a Fan page or Group for your campaign and invite people to it.
2. Create an Event for your campaign and invite people to it.
3. Change your Facebook profile picture to the main icon or photo from your campaign.
4. Ask those who have already contributed to share your project on their Facebook wall. Build this message into your Thank You message and let them know how important Facebook is in helping you raise awareness and get more contributions.
5. Share your Project Announcements on Facebook.
6. Add additional content about your campaign to your own wall and the walls of those who have contributed.
7. Thank your contributors publicly, on their Facebook walls, and include a link to your campaign.
8. Find similar Groups and Fan Pages online and post about your campaign on those pages’ walls.
9. Use the IndieGoGo page to communicate with other campaign owners seeking funding. Post on our wall if you’ve got questions, want to sound off about something, or have good news about your campaign.

If all that makes you say duh and you feel like you’ve utilized Facebook to the max already, read this blog post in which the team members on Cerise talk about some strategic tactics they used to elicit contributions from friends while those friends were online. A little aggressive, but pretty genius, and it was one of the main reasons Cerise reached and surpassed its funding goal.

Remember that like anything else associated with your campaign, generating awareness via Facebook requires maintenance and updates. You can’t just “spray and pray” as they say. Be active, be focused, and be consistent. Overall make sure your campaign has a constant presence on Facebook and you will see a pay-off.

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