November 3, 2010 · Tips & Insights

Who’s the Hardest Working Person on Your Campaign?


Turning referrals into donationsAny IndieGoGo campaign owner is probably familiar with this graphic, which tells you who among your team is bringing in the most traffic through referrals (meaning, by using the 'Share' tools on your campaign homepage to spread the word about your campaign), and ultimately, raising the most money online.

We've blocked out the full names of the team members on this campaign, but we can still use this campaign's graphics to get some information — information that, once we analyze what to do with it, will hopefully help you tweak your crowdfunding outreach so you can raise money more efficiently using your whole team's strengths.

On this campaign:

1 – Persons one and three are referring quite a few people to the campaign, but those people aren't donating.

2 – The second person isn't referring as many people, but a higher percentage of those people she is referring are donating.

3 – The bottom two people really haven't referred anyone and haven't brought in donations.

4 – A large number of the donations have come from direct traffic (probably email not sent via the share tools).

Some actionable steps to take with this information:

– Get the bottom two people more involved in your campaign. Make sure they know how to log in to IndieGoGo and use the share tools to drive traffic.

– Find out what persons one and three are doing to drive traffic (Twitter? Facebook?) and get person two more involved in online sharing. Person two seems to have the most active contacts but she isn't using online social tools to contact them.

– Conversely, find out what person two is doing to influence donors. Is there language she is using to influence possible donors that the whole team could use? Whatever it is, it seems effective, and the team could benefit from it.

– Last, since it seems like direct appeals via email might be working best for this team, a good idea might be to organize a team-wide email campaign that utilizes some of the smart language person two is using in her outreach, and reach out to more contacts directly via email. (And make sure the bottom two people are involved!)

All that action from one simple graphic.

We want to know: how are YOU using these analytics tools to better your outreach? Got any advice for us or other IndieGoGo users?