December 10, 2010 · Tips & Insights

Gaming the System: Video Games & Crowdfunding


A seat in the last spaceship on earth

One of my favorite places to see some of the coolest, smartest, and craziest current projects on IndieGoGo is the Gaming category. I wanted to share two campaigns about video games that I'm digging today.

The project pictured above is called Littlecosm. It's a browser-based online game powered by your emotions. You read that right: your emotions. According to the project description, this game "plugs into Twitter and creates a world (with 8-bit style graphics!) based on your current sentiment – good or bad."

I like the idea of my Twittersphere (yes, I said it) becoming a virtual universe — and this project description's got some heady stuff in it. Read more on the project page. It's crazy.

Gootecks mike and ross

This is the other sweet project I wanted to share with you: Gootecks and Mike Ross are the producers and stars of Cross Counter, the weekly YouTube show about Streetfighter. They bascially chronicle the competitive Streetfighter scene, and they're seeking funds to keep their webseries going. Essentially they want to travel all over and play video games with people who are really, really good at playing video games. (Well, this one game at least.)

The great thing? They're just about $300 from their goal! Check out their videos and their project page.