January 12, 2011 · Tips & Insights

3 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Fundraising Campaign


1. Use Groups and Answers

A few months ago LinkedIn changed the way its users connect and converse using the Groups and Answers feature. By joining groups or joining discussions on LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals who may not be directly connected to the industry you are in in order to broaden your fan base.

For example, if you're a filmmaker whose Facebook network is comprised mainly of other filmmakers, fundraising for your next film may not grab the attention of your Facebook friends. On LinkedIn, you can find a new network of professionals not associated directly with film, but with an active interest in it. What if you're childhood friend who's now working in Finance has always been interested in producing movies but didn't know where to start?


Take a look at the boys from Night Before the Reindeer Died. Nick posted a question in the Internet and Marketing group asking for recommendations on how to promote their short film project. He received 10 responses from different internet and marketing professionals offering him free pointers.

LinkedIn answers

2. Complete Your Profile to Help Build Your Credibility

Leaving a link to your LinkedIn profile on your IndieGoGo page is a great way to give your would-be funders some background on you.

Because LinkedIn is a professional network, the educational background, work history, and other credentials you list on your LinkedIn profile will speak volumes about your credibilty. Not to mention the Recommendations feature, which will help even more build trust.

Also, the larger your network, the better. Quantity wins over quality on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn numbers

3. Link Your Other Social Profiles In

While you can now post status updates on LinkedIn (with the ability to attach a link and post to Twitter at the same time), not a lot of us spend a lot of time signed in on LinkedIn like we do on Facebook or Twitter. So the easy way to keep your connection up to date with your project is by connecting your Facebook and/or Twitter to your LinkedIn.

Have you used some tactics that worked for your campaign that is not mentioned here? Share them in the comment section below!

Note that the effective (and recommended) way of promoting your project on LinkedIn is by using it in moderation.