diana IMPACT

We talk a lot about the importance of a good pitch video, and how campaigns with video pitches raise on average 122% more than campaigns with no video.

So you know it's important, if you can, to create a video pitch to accompany your campaign.

But we also know that some people are intimidated by the process, don't have access to video equipment, or aren't sure what to talk about or include in their video.

Today we wanted to share with you three pitch videos from current IndieGoGo campaigns that are totally simple, easily do-able, and really get the point across.


In this video (pictured above), Diana narrates over some photos of websites, design work, and images from the program she hopes to attend to very simply explain her plight: she was laid off last year, has had a hard time finding work, and wants to attend a program that would improve her skills but costs $6,000.

sudanese school lunch program

Sudanese School Lunch Project

In this black and white video testimonial, Aruna Kenyi explains his idea for a school lunch program in his native Sudan. Through his narration, and titles which appear on screen to elaborate on what he's saying, the audience learns that students in Aruna's home country attend school without proper nutrition and how Aruna, who fled Sudan without his parents when he was 14 and now majors in Community Health Education at University of Maine at Farmington, hopes to change that through a sustainable lunch program.

a novel father

A Novel Father

In this straightforward video testimonial, Jim Maher explains why he needs $1000 to get his book edited so he can get it published and therefore stay at home to raise his kids. There are no edits, no titles — the entire video is Jim talking to the screen via his home computer.Is there anything more simple than that?

So don't be afraid! Get out there and record your pitches!