March 16, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Creating a Conversation Around Your Campaign


on the phone

Your campaign is about more than fundraising. It's about generating real interest in the ideas you're putting out into the world.

To do that, you have to create a conversation with your potential audience. This, in turn, creates potential contributors.

Creating a conversation means creating something more than just a one-way dialog with your audience.

But how to do this?

First, find a venue.

We might recommend using a combination of IndieGoGo Updates, email, blogs, Facebook posts and Tweets to reach out to your audience — but there are plenty of other ways to get dialog going online depending on your particular industry. Check out this handy list of social networking websites to find what might work best for you.

Then, start a conversation.

1 – Ask questions.

Does your campaign touch on a particular issue? Does it try to solve a problem? Ask your audience for feedback and opinions on the ideas and questions presented by your campaign. For instance, "How should public schools be funded?"

2 – Show what goes on behind the curtain.

Are you working on something creative? Get the audience involved in the creative process by giving them a sneak peek at what's involved in bringing your campaign to life. Set design, costuming, location scouting… think of your "conversation" as the extras at the end of a DVD. Feel like really getting them involved? Ask them for creative input and use it in your campaign.

3 – Find others like you.

Are you the only one working on a campaign like this? Are there other theater companies, filmmakers, activists or pet owners, for example, raising funds on IndieGoGo or similar platforms? Show your support and pool resources by creating a dialog across campaigns.

4 – Make it meta.

Many people still aren't familiar with crowdfunding, how it works, and maybe why it works better than other fundraising options. Get your audience talking about how they feel about helping others in this unique way. You might end up schooling someone else who decides to contribute.

5 – Take a poll.

Get people involved in your subject matter by asking about their experience or opinions about it. You can make quick, simple polls on Facebook with the Polldaddy App.

6 – Make it funny.

Do something viral that gets people checking back. Make people laugh. (Need inspiration? Check out Cornell University Sustainable Design Schoolhouse's SPOTTED!)

No matter what format or platform you use, remember the importance of asking for input from your audience.

Photo by Flickr user gadgetdan