Team members

We've talked before about the importance of assembling a team around your campaign. And we've seen that, on average, campaigns with more team members raise more money. But what's the best way to assemble the most effective IndieGoGo campaign team?

If you've got a network of volunteers, employees, staff, contributors, artists, etc. from which to assemble your online promotions team, consider the following criteria when figuring out how to choose the team members who will act as the face of your campaign.

Who has the widest network?

Think beyond Facebook friend count and consider who runs in the biggest circles. Who belongs to the most organizations? Has an already-established email list? Has over 500 connections on LinkedIn? If challenged, who on our team could get a message out to more than 1,000 people in an hour? This person should definitely be a part of your campaign team effort.

Who has the most "un-tapped" circle?

Let's face it: crowdfunding has already saturated some industries. Filmmakers might find it especially difficult to reach out to anyone in their network who hasn't already been asked to contribute to another campaign. So think about who has access to the greenest green in your industry — that is, who knows the most amount of people who, for whatever reason, haven't been asked to contribute to campaigns like yours in the past.

Who has the most social media experience?

Not everyone with a wide network and un-tapped contacts knows how to use social media to reach them. So find the person on your team who's the smartest Twitter user and posts the most on Facebook. Who has experience making Facebook pages, Evites, or composing e-blasts with programs like Constant Contact or Emma? Make sure they're helping your campaign reach the most amount of people via the most online outlets.

Who is online the most?

Is there someone on your campaign who always responds to emails within 4 minutes? Who updates Facebook several times a day and "likes" your status update within seconds of your post? This person has value to your campaign as someone who can check in constantly on how you're doing and send updates and reminders to your team and potential funders.

Who has done an IndieGoGo campaign before?

Even if someone has used IndieGoGo on an unsuccessful campaign, their experience will be invaluable to you. Be sure to include anyone who has used IndieGoGo before!

Campaign owners: who have you selected to run your IndieGoGo campaign and how did you go about choosing them?

Image by Flickr user mrlerone.