July 26, 2011 · Success Stories

David Bianchi Talks to Film Courage About His IndieGoGo Campaign Dysfunktion



They say that Hollywood is full of broken dreams.  Some days that’s true but other days there comes a story about an actor who took matters into his own hands and starts producing films.  David Bianchi, talks to Film Courage about his realization that shifting gears out of necessity sometimes provides you with the career that you didn’t necessarily set out to live.  His film Dysfunktion is a feature length film about 9 kooky characters living in a mansion in Hollywood all set out on their individual paths.  Better explained by Bianchi himself;

‘The reason that I’m outlining all these things is because I implore all actors out there to not necessarily to take it to the point that I’m taking it, where we’re breaking the brink of producing major Indie Films in the quarter million dollar to half million dollar range, but what I do implore artists to do is to create your own avenues. There are no doors to walk through except for the doors that you build for yourself. If you walk through enough of your own doors, eventually people will take notice and they will pay attention to the fact that you hopefully have become a craftsman over your years of practice.’

He then goes on to outline his reason for utilizing the IndieGoGo platform and his personal network to crowdfund for his film, here are some highlights:

1. Do the research
Look at other campaigns created on the site and study what draws you into their presentations, how the text is laid out and most importantly, what draws you in about the video.

2. Focus on the highlights of your campaign
Why would you fund this film over others? Usually it’s by finding an interest in the types of people involved in the execution. 

3. Don’t underestimate the power of the perks.
Provide your audience with tangible returns, assets that inspire them to go the extra mile and consider higher increments of funding.  Most of all, besides just product, think about meaningful and memorable experiences (film premieres, speaking roles).

4. Upload, Upload, Upload
Facebook, Twitter, text messages, emails – everyone has access to these channels but think about strategic ways that your campaign information can go viral.  If your influential friend tweets, will his followers truly follow?  He quotes: 'IndieGoGo makes very clear statements that they believe that most people require up to seven points of contact before they actually act, and we’re finding that that’s actually true, not because people don’t want to support artists, it’s just that people are really busy and tied up with what’s up with their own lives.'

Read the rest of the interview here for more insightful and detailed advice on presentation, promotion and keeping a primary focus – your goal!

Via Film Courage