July 27, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Your Unique Selling Point in Raising Funds Is You


The Crowd
via TheBigTouffe

Take the highest imaginable number then multiply it by infinity, this is likely to be what the indescribable amount of idea generation that goes on any given minute.  So what can set your fundable campaign apart from the rest?  We provide the platform but you still need to present a concise pitch to tell your story.  The primary unique selling point to your audience – is you.  Pamela Hawley’s blog in Fast Company identifies this as a driving factor in raising funds –‘Think About People, Not Money’. Her argument whilst referencing venture capital fund raising throws up parallels to crowdfunding.  Think of each of your contributors as VCs, moniter their feedback to your campaign, engage with your biggest promoters and reward them with additional perks if need be.  By initiating to continue the relationship post reaching your goal, they could potentially act as future brand ambassadors. 

via Fast Company