March 22, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Average Contribution Amount Through Email is Higher Than Other Referral Sources


Contributions made in response to a direct email are 34% higher than contributions made in response to other forms of outreach. The average contribution amount in response to a direct email is $90 where as the average contribution in response to other forms of outreach (i.e. facebook post) is $67. Graftake1 Although social media use is pervasive, don’t overlook how powerful a tool e-mail is. Over 294 Billion e-mails are sent everyday. That’s more than 40 e-mails per person on the planet. E-mail is useful for your Indiegogo campaign because it’s an outreach channel that is an active form of communication. You can directly reach out to people and ask them to make a contribution. A robust e-mail strategy essential to getting a strong start to your campaign. Here are some guidelines:

  • Start by making a list of your closest circle of friends, family, and followers. Consider sending each of them a personalized message and a specific, direct call to action leading them to your campaign.
  • Once your initial circle has contributed, validating your campaign, more distant connections are more likely to contribute. Send out an e-mail to everybody else you know. Direct e-mail works as a great compliment to passive sharing on social media feeds.
  • After your campaign has some momentum, follow up with an update to people who have not yet contributed. Remind them that if they can’t contribute, they can always help spread the word.
  • Send a thank you to everyone.

An e-mail push is a great way to start your campaign- and its an important compliment to sharing on social media or blogs. For more ideas, insights, and tips on how to run a great campaign take a look here.