August 13, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Contributing to other campaigns helps yourself


When raising money for your own campaign, don’t forget to contribute to other campaigns too! Our data shows that campaign owners who also contribute to campaigns that are not their own raise a higher percentage of their goal — and are also more likely to be successful.

We find that campaign owners who contribute to at least one other campaign raise 13% more of their goals and are 9% more likely to reach their goals.

Contributing to other campaigns allows you to stay more engaged with the Indiegogo community. We have mentioned previously that engagement is very important! In many ways, a contribution is not just an exchange of money, but also the beginning of a conversation — between yourself, the campaigner, and the rest of that campaigner’s network. Engaging with this new individual, team, and network — you are exposing your campaign to an entirely new community.

One of the crucial intangibles of crowdfunding is serendipity, and by increasing the surface area of your campaign through proactive engagement, you only increase the probability of something extraordinary happening.


Additionally, by taking the time to see what other campaigners are doing, you are bound to pick up ideas on how to improve your own campaign — or find that perk that’s a Tweet or a Facebook post.


Browse some current Indiegogo campaigns and find campaigners to connect with!