Every week we like to share some of the campaigns we’re talking about and contributing to over here at Indiegogo HQ. Check ‘em out and let us know what you think. Any campaigns we should include next week?


Palo Alto, CA

“Sandstorm is a platform that democratizes the web, much like Indiegogo is a platform that democratizes funding. Sandstorm places the free and open web within anybody’s reach! It will remove the biggest hurdle to the adoption of federated web services.”
– Judy T. (@judytuna)

Sync Smartband

New York, NY


“The first wearable accessory to track health, safety, and fitness in a single device. Each member of the family can choose their own band and color and parents can keep tabs on the whole family!”
– Amanda H.

Noisebridge Reboot 2014

San Francisco, CA

“Important SF Hackerspace Noisebridge needs to raise funds for infrastructure repair. If you chip in now, you can get your own key!”
-Rachel A. (@therja)


Oakland, CA

“The Body is Not An Apology is building the world’s most comprehensive information, education, and community-building website for radical self-love! It’s all about promoting the idea that everyone is beautiful.”
-Pam M. (@pamelot)

Driving With Selvi

Toronto, Canada


“Selvi will move a million hearts, if a million hearts have the chance to meet her.” A powerful doc that that tells the story of Selvi, a remarkable young woman who escapes a child marriage to become South India’s first female taxi driver. Selvi (and the team!) have already moved my heart!”
Ayah N. (@IndiegogoCA)

OCCLES Eyewear

Edinburgh, UK

“Cool product, perfect for summer! Occles are eyeshades avoid panda eyes when sunbathing and also protect your eyes. Great price and Buy One Get One Free offer of £25!”
-Anastasia E (@indiegogouk)


Keta, Ghana

“Ghana has certainly made their presence known on the world soccer scene. They’ve had the US’ number in 2 of the last 3 World Cups! Let’s help keep the development strong by building a new facility in Keta!”
-Bret H. (@gogobret)

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