Indiegogo SXSW 2015

SXSW 2015 is coming up quicker than we can catch our breath and that’s a good thing!

Each summer, SXSW puts a call out through their PanelPicker process, to all of their fans and thought leaders to shape the content experience for the upcoming year. Now we are calling on you to get us there next year.

There are a ton of new things we’re excited about and we can’t wait to share them first and exclusively at SXSW.

For this year’s PanelPicker, we have put panels together that showcase successful Indiegogo campaign owners such as Rooster Teeth, Marvell, and SpaceIL. We have also partnered to be on panels with organizations such as Elle Magazine, ITVS, Sundance and Fallon to share how Indiegogo’s funding model is shaping the future of finance across multiple industries.

This year’s SXSW was epic and we need your help to make next year even better.

Here is how:
Steps to vote for Indiegogo at SXSW 2015
1. Sign up for the PanelPicker here
2. Authenticate your email address by going to your inbox and clicking the link that says “Confirm my Account”
3. Click the links below and hit the thumbs up button to vote

YouTube Stars in Film: Rooster Teeth & Indiegogo

Rooster Teeth will speak alongside Mark Hofstatter, Head of Film at Indiegogo, about YouTube stars and the future of the film industry. Rooster Teeth will also be premiering footage from their first-ever feature length film during this session.

End to Brogramming? How Women are Shaping Tech

Is tech hostile to females? How are women in tech changing the “brogrammer” culture? What will the future look like as more women enter this career space? Moderated by Editor Leah Chernikoff, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer Danae Ringelmann, along with other panelists, will answer these questions and discuss the daily challenges they face as women working in a man’s world.

Smart House : From Concept to Customer in 6 Months

Indiegogo and Skybell will discuss the future of smart home devices, developing innovative hardware and how to advance projects from financing to shipping quickly and efficiently.

Austin, We Have A Solution: Crowdfunded Spaceships

The SpaceIL team, a contestant for the Google Lunar X Prize, is building the world’s smallest spacecraft at 38 inches tall, about the size of a dishwasher. SpaceIL came to Indiegogo to connect with a global community of like-minded supporters and raise more than $280,000. Listen to the organization’s perspective about the future of space exploration.

Who’s Going to Fund My Webseries?

Meet the industry leaders developing, funding and supporting independent webseries in new ways, paving the way for creators of bold new episodic content online. We’ll discuss what they look for, how their programs work and talk with veteran creators about their development strategy, and what are the opportunities for webseries in today’s digital landscape.

Pitch Event: Storytelling for Crowdfunding Ideas

This event will feature emerging entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to an eclectic panel including Shannon Swallow, VP of Marketing Communications at Indiegogo, Fallon’s Chief Creative officer Jeff Kling, and successful entrepreneur Dean Phillips. One winning idea will be selected, shark-tank style, and Fallon will create its entire campaign for launch on Indiegogo.

Tech + The Maker Movement: Destroying the Paradigm

The power of technology combined with the spreading maker movement is shifting the axis of power in the consumer goods game. With 3D printers available in Home Depot, and Indiegogo powering campaigns across 57 countries, it’s no longer about what people can afford to make; it’s about what people can dare to dream up. No longer do we have to rely on the elite minority to decide what will be produced and available in the mass market, and the mass market is taking notice. Thought leaders in crowdfunding, the maker community, and tech-powered consumer goods talk about flipping consumerism on its head.

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