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Here are the campaigns we’re talking about around the water cooler this week. Check ‘em out and let us know your thoughts!

Hit the Road with WHAT LOLA WANTS

Los Angeles, CA

“I’m personally a fan of “lovers on the run” stories, and WHAT LOLA WANTS is exactly that. I’m also a lover of great independent films, so LOLA is two for two! Time to help these filmmakers complete their film.”
– Marc H.(@theoriginalhoff)


Boston, MA

“My aunt had a stroke and half her body became disabled and it affected her speech. This innovation can help people like her communicate more efficently with others without feeling fustrated.”
– Derek H.


LaunchPad Labs

London, UK

“An amazing startup incubator space in the heart of London’s Tech Scene trying to help underpriveledged entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. It’s so hard getting your startup off the ground and London is expensive! These guys are really trying to make a difference and have some cool perks!”
-Anastasia E. (@minianastasia)

allGreenup – Connecting people to save the planet

Santiago, Chile

“This app looks to gamify being green! They are based in Chile and for a contribution of $25 you can get your own tree planted in the Patagonia forest! How amazing!”
-Erika H. (@erikahoyle)

Sweet Bites: Cavity Fighting Gum

Cambridge, MA

“Tasty chewing gum that prevents tooth decay for impoverished children around the world.”
Bre D. (@IndiegogoCause)

First Days Story Project

Boston, MA

“Help acclaimed PBS history series American Experience collect and preserve stories of Vietnamese-American immigrants and Vietnam veterans.”
-Gwen N. (@indiegogocause)

How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town

Toronto, ON

“For everyone who wonders what happens up in Canada……. we make hilarious films. What did you think I was going to say?!”
-Ayah N. (@indiegogoca)

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