April 28, 2021 · Products, Tips & Insights

Four Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Bedtime Routine


This is a guest blog post by Snorble team

No matter how old we are, having a bedtime routine can make a drastic difference to how well we sleep and how quickly we’re able to get there. More importantly, starting a good routine at an early age (Carolyn from Fennell Seeds started her children at only two weeks old) can help to ensure it’s followed throughout the person’s life. What other benefits are there to developing a bedtime routine for your family?

1) It Can Help to Trigger Your Child’s Wind Down Process

Even at a young age, children can notice patterns, so maintaining a consistent routine each evening helps to develop their association with certain cues to bedtime. According to Erin from The Incremental Mama, this consistency can help to avoid tantrums and encourages a feeling of control and order within the child.

2) It Can Help Everyone Measure Their Progress

As the routine becomes familiar, both your child and you will be able to understand what’s next and what is left before bedtime. Although this might seem daunting at times, especially when one task is taking longer than usual, it can still provide a clearer goal than a night without a routine.

More than just another sleep trainer, Snorble is an engagingly sweet, interactive character who even learns your child’s name.

Note: Many parents recommend a timer to help ensure progress is made with each step, and Snorble is great at keeping things running on time.

3) It Can Make Adopting Other Routines Easier

Once you’ve got the bedtime routine working well (we won’t say “mastered” since there will always be a hiccup here or there. Seriously, how many times can a teddy bear go missing?), developing routines for other things should be easier. In fact, as Tina from Mindfulmazing points out, having a good bedtime routine is an important part of ensuring your morning routine goes smoothly too.

4) It Can Make Your Night Easier

As we mentioned, there’s always the chance of bumps in the road, but a good bedtime routine helps to minimize such things. Better yet, as your child becomes accustomed to the routine and the steps involved, there will be steps in which they can act independently to complete the required task before you both move onto the next one. Depending on how long it takes (it’s a well-known fact that sometimes pajama legs are just too tricky to put on all alone), this independence can provide you with the time to accomplish something else in your own bedtime routine. Or maybe even give you a moment to breath. Maybe.

For these reasons and more, Snorble has been designed to support your family in developing a great bedtime routine, and they have a number of options to ensure each part of the process goes as smoothly as possible. Better yet, you can customize each part of the routine based on what you know is best for your family.

If you’d like to learn more about how Snorble is designed to help your family achieve a better bedtime, check out our Indiegogo campaign page.

Snorble’s magical lights, sounds, and other features generate a soothing, enchanting environment that helps keep your child comfortably in bed. And if your little one wakes up, Snorble helps them self-soothe with bedtime stories, breathing exercises, and more.