Other uses for crowdfunding

One of the great things about IndieGoGo — at least we think so — is that we try to be totally inclusive. There's no approval process, we don't try to tell you there's a projects you can't raise money for. If you can dream it, you can do it. If you think people will donate money so you can achieve it, we're not stopping you. In fact — we're behind you all the way.

Here are some interesting — and in our opinion, underused — uses for IndieGoGo.


Genealogical records and research often cost money to the researcher — but everyone in the family (and even multiple familes and other researchers) can benefit from the work of a good unearthing. Why not pool money from your family and other interested parties to fund your genealogical research?

Animal Rescue

We've seen a few projects popping up lately designd to help find homes, shelter, and a stay of execution for shelter animals. The cost of keeping stray pets in private homes and shelters can mount, but there are many animal lovers out there willing to help a pooch get a new lease on life. Breed-specific rescuers might find it especially easy to seek help from passionate and like-minded individuals looking to raise awareness and help for certain types of cats or dogs.

Historic Landmarks

You can chain yourself to a building the old fashioned way, or you can raise money while raising awareness for an historic landmark in your area slated for demolition or renovation. Use IndieGoGo to raise money to buy the place, raise money for its upkeep, or raise money to fund a larger campaign to save an architecturally significant site.

School Sports, Clubs & Activities

For years we've been sending our children off with boxes of chocolate, cured meats and wrapping paper to raise money for various school-related activities. Why not pool resources on an IndieGoGo campaign that raises money for the same cause and offers similar items as perks? Or ditch the food and gift wrap for personalized notes from students, video thank you cards, or an invite to a home game?

Life Stages

We've seen quite a few people raising money on IndieGoGo for college tuition and books. But what about other big life events? You can raise money for weddings, quincineras, new babies, adoptions, retirement goals (RV, anyone?), or even to help elderly family members with changes in living situations.


This is a timely one — with Farm Aid happening this weekend. We all benefit from the hard work of America's family famers, and with the rise in popularity of organic, locally grown produce, IndieGoGo is a great place where family farmers can help raise money to stay in business.

Home Improvement

We see these projects all the time on TV ("move that bus!"). Whether you're raising funds to improve your own living space (may be a little harder to eek out donations) or that of someone in need (a family member, a member of your community or church), IndieGogo is a perfect place to not only raise money for the improvement project, but find volunteers to help with labor once the construction gets underway.

Whatever your ideas are — remember: you can do it! There are plenty of people in your own network and in the greater community who are willing to support projects, even ones they have no personal stake in. Go for it — you have nothing to lose!

Image courtesy Flickr user ahhyeah.