Heller on wheels

A couple days ago we talked about elements that go into making a decent pitch video. Today I simply wanted to showcase a few campaigns that I think have great pitch videos. They're simple, straight-forward, no frills, and show all of us that you don't need a big buget or lots of technical experience to throw something illustrative together that motivates people to contribute to your campaign.

Above is the pitch for Heller on Wheels, which mixes straightforward testimonial with archive footage to tell the campaign owner's story. Steve even takes you on a tour of his workshop as he explains his perks!

Computer school in pankisi

Vladimir's pitch for A Computer School in Pankisi is equally straightforward. It's clear, well-written, and contains additional footage that really helps illustrate what your contributed funds are going to.

Phoot camp benefit

Lauren Lemon and Phoot Camp's pitch video was done via Skype, which is a really smart way to involves two people in an interview-style format. (Want to learn more about how to do this? Check out Call Recorder for the Mac.)

Claire martin haiti

Claire Martin kept things really simple in her pitch video, since, as she confesses, she hates being recorded and photographed. But her honest, no-frills video, accomapnied by the photographs she references in her gallery, make for a compelling campaign pitch.