December 27, 2010 · Tips & Insights

The Importance of a Pitch Clip in Your Campaign


"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million."

One of the most important elements of every IndieGoGo campaign is the Pitch Clip. It reveals the story behind the story and provides a peek into who is making the project and why.

We wrote about the importance of a pitch clip back in 2008 and 2009.  Since then, we've shared some interesting data indicating that IndieGoGo campaigns with a video clip raise on average 122% more than projects without a clip.

So today, we'd love to share more examples of great pitch clips.  No matter what approach you take, just remember people contribute to "people" not just ideas.  So make it personal! Don't just showcase your work, showcase you, your team and YOUR story – i.e. the story behind the project.

For entertainment and inspiration, check out these four unique approaches to the Pitch Clip:


Got skills? Now's the perfect time to use them.

If it's not easy for you to ask people for money directly, role-play it! Michael and Matt from The Healer did.


License to Spill kicks oil out of the arts and spills their artistic talents in making this pitch video

Playful puppets pitching.  Who knew? This web series let their very characters share their story!  



If your subject made an impact on you, share how it's gonna make an impact on your audience.


If you support the film Love Is All You Need, you are also helping shed light on the issue of human and equal rights.


The Co-op Theatre East expresses that by funding The Trojan Women Redux, you are also raising awareness about human trafficking.



The bigger your team, the the more you'll raise.  Agree?


California-based indie band, The Makepeace Brothers, come together and illustrates the perks they're offering.

Don't feel comfortable being alone in front of the camera? Bring your imagination and everyday items in your video, just like what Ashley Rodbro did for her performing arts project I'm From Outer Space.



The Hit the Lights crew talk production in this well-produced pitch video.



If you have a personal story, don't be afraid to share it.

This pitch video for Haiti: We Are Rebuilding campaign illustrates how you can contribute in building a space for the kids of Haiti to play, create, and dream.


Through pictures and short clips, this video paints the story behind Project Build Uganda's mission.


Journalist Vladimir Lozinski talks about the background of his campaign A Computer School in Pankisi Valley



If you're awesome and you know it, put yourself in a fun video.

Indianapolis-based filmmakers Jaron and Shrihari of Pervetigo put their best suit on and had fun in front of the camera.

 John T. Trigonis, poet and filmmaker from "Joisey," starred in this pitch video for Cerise as the Pitch Man.

Creators and co-writers of Greg Prime, Andrew Melzer and Jeff Soulliere, made not one, not two, but three pitch videos, all of which put the FUN in "fundraising."



Have you watched any other awesome pitch videos on IndieGoGo recently that's not mentioned here? Share them in the comment below – we're always on the lookout for awesomeness.