Projects use IndieGoGo's fundraising, audience-building and discovery tools to mobilize their fans and customers into funders.  

We're continually adding new tools; so here's a current list for easy reference. 

  1. Pitch Clip to keep your campaign personal.  Share your project and your personal story!  Read some pitch clip tips here.
  2. Integrated share tools (Custom Widgets, Facebook / Twitter, Auto Email Invite for gmail, yahoo and hotmail) to make it easy for you and your followers to invite others aboard your campaign journey.
  3. Online Social Media hub (links to project's other social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)
  4. Campaign Team Members to showcase the people behind the project.
  5. Automated Email Blasts sent when you post an Update on your UPDATES tab; e.g. Announcements, Videos, Images, Files.  Anyone who funds, favorites, comments or shares your campaign will get these updates via email.
  6. "Do It With Others" Activity Feed to celebrate the actions of all your followers
  7. Comments tab to open up the conversation with your funders
  8. Video/ Image / Document Gallery to archive all the images, videos and docs you share in your Updates.