October 27, 2010 · Tips & Insights

Attracting Anonymous Donors to Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Bully project film

The Bully Project was successful in attracting anonymous donors who feel passionately about stopping bullying.

We talk a lot about tapping your network to seek donations to your project. But how about looking outside your circle to find backers for your IndieGoGo campaign?

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I know [a certain type of person] would give to my campaign… if they only knew about it!"

Attracting anonymous donors is all about outreach. We've rounded up a few ideas to help you reach out to those people you don't know but who might be likely to give to your campaign.


Getting your project into the media is a great way for it to get attention outside your circle and attract people who feel similarly and want to help. Check out our recent blog post with tons of smart tactics for getting your project into the news. 

Pictured above, The Bully Project attracted many anonymous donors after it was featured on ABC's 20/20. 

Similar Organizations

Is your project similar to the work of any like-minded organizations? If you're complimentary and not competitive, reach out to similar industries and organizations and ask them to mention your campaign on a website, Facebook page or e-blast.

Industry Higher-Ups

If you're part of an umbrella network (a small subsidiary of a larger organization), or there are leadership organizations within your industry, see if the big guys can give you a hand by reaching out to their network on your behalf. For instance, if you're fundraising for a library program, write to the ALA.


Send a message about your project to your neighborhood organization, municipal leadership, city council, or any governmental organization that aligns with your message. Some officials might be happy to report on encouraging news from their locality and encourage constituents to donate.

People with the Same Interests

What is the focus of your campaign? Who is affected by it? Make sure you're reaching out to as many people as you can who have an interest in what you're doing — and think outside the box. Remember: it's always okay to reach out with information and a friendly hello.

Need some specific advice? Leave a link to your project below and we'll help you brainstorm some ways to attract fresh faces to your donor circle.

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