October 25, 2010 · Tips & Insights

IndieGoGo Insight: More Team Members Means More Money


The projects on IndieGoGo that have four or more team members as administrators raise 72% more money than projects with only one team member.  This translates to $650 more, on average, per project and a 5 – 10% greater likelihood of meeting the funding goal.

So, if you're currently working on a project with several team members — a film, a theater company, an advocacy group — and yet you're relying on just one person to run your IndieGoGo campaign, we have news for you: you're losing money.

Team members = money

We understand that some projects are solo efforts and may not involve more than one person seeking funding. But most of the projects raising money on IndieGoGo are team driven — at least on the creative or execution side.

Don't have four team members?  Don't worry – teams of 2 or 3 raise 15% and 20% more money, respectively, than a team of one. 

Here's what we mean:

Last month we profiled the documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down.  With a few weeks left in their funding campaign, they have raised over $15,000.  How? They have a team of active members using IndieGoGo to promote the project. Just look at all those faces!

Team members baby let our hair hang down

So take a moment to consider whether you're utilizing your whole team — and remember, even if you have already started funding, it's never too late to add team members.

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