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Satarii Star Accessory Funds Their Exciting Technology

Satarii Star Accessory “makes your mobile phone camera follow your every move.” You place your cell phone on the swivel base and attach the censor to yourself or whatever you want the camera to follow. We think it is a very cool product, and the campaign has already exceeded its goal with just over a day left! So we’re checking in with Satarii’s Vladimir Tetelbaum and Brian Lamb.

Doc’s of the Bay: Hip Food Truck and Great Small Business

Launching a campaign on IndieGoGo is a powerful way to raise funds for your business and also to learn about your target market, gain valuable feedback for your business, and build up your community — before you’ve even launched!
Today we’re checking in with Zac Silverman, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary and Truck Driver for Doc’s of the Bay Food Truck. Zac and his team are over two-thirds of the way towards reaching their goal of $3,073 to launch their food truck business in San Francisco, with just over a month left in the campaign.

IndieGoGo Insider: A Small Business Success Story by the Numbers.

We have many amazing campaigns on IndieGoGo, and sometimes we are lucky enough to have our campaign owners write a little about their experience and what they have learned through their fundraising efforts.  Karen Seiger originally shared her thoughts on her Markets of New York City blog. I wanted to share them with you. ********************************** … read more

Indiegogo Insight: More Time Doesn’t Always Mean More Money

On Indiegogo, the campaigns that set a funding deadline between 60 and 70 days raise, on average, 141% more money than their shorter or longer campaign counterparts. Many people believe that more time will result in more money. This may not be the case. Optimal campaign duration is just after the two month mark, followed … read more

Five Things I Learned About Crowd Funding for A Small Business

(Originally Posted to Markets of New York City) This past weekend, my first foray into the world of crowd funding came to a happy, successful conclusion. Posting my project on IndieGoGo.com, I managed not only to meet, but to exceed the target funding goal for my project to add high quality videos to my website. … read more