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November 3, 2015 · Tips & Insights

7 Free Hacks for Any Crowdfunding Campaign

Developing a strategy for your crowdfunding campaign involves a lot of different pieces, including (but not limited to) social media, PR, email and word-of-mouth. No matter what type of campaign you’re running and how prepared you might be, there are tons of useful resources out… read more

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October 8, 2015 · IGG

The Importance of Eyeballs for Crowdfunding Projects

This guest post was written by Scott Barrett of OPEN-2 LLC. OPEN-2 and ‘partner-in-crime’ company, International Headquarters, are designers and creators as well as brick and mortar sales agents, excelling in video game sales, film and television production and game making. To date, we at OPEN-2 have… read more