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These Beer Lovers Prove Bringing an Idea to Market is About Passion

What do you get when you combine two engineers who geeek out about IPAs? Beer that’s scientifically proven to be delicious. Back in 2001, when Philip Petracca and David McDonald met, they had spent their careers at technology companies—and nerded out about beer on the side. When they met through work, the home-craft brewers became … read more

6Qs with Colleen from 50 for 50

Q1.  Tell us about your campaign, your inspiration and why it's important to you.For my 50th birthday, I wanted to do something HUGE that was more about giving back than getting (when you're 50, you've done al the uusal big-digit celebrating).  I decided that what would make me feel best waking up on September 14, … read more