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Crowdsourcing Meets Crowdfunding – Design GE’s Next Big Hit on Indiegogo!

Highlights: GE’s FirstBuild is offering an expected $30,000 in prizes for winners of the Cold Brew Design Challenge FirstBuild launched two successful campaigns on Indiegogo in 2015, with over $3 million in sales: the Opal Nugget Ice Maker and Paragon Induction Cooktop FirstBuild is an open community of engineers, designers, and enthusiasts who are changing … read more

Want To Prove Your Product? Validate On Indiegogo!

Imagine yourself as a product inventor on day one of your crowdfunding campaign. Aside from the exhaustion of defining a product, generating leads, and creating a buzz in social media, there is excitement and anxiety. Whether your efforts will result in success or failure hinges on one question: Will this product sell? For decades, startups … read more