Archives for February 2015

How Hardware Companies are Crowdfunding in New Ways

I joined Indiegogo’s Hardware Team because I’m a geek who can’t wait for the future. I get excited about products that bring my old sci-fi dreams to life, whether they were connecting my world, flying around with cameras, or creating giant mechs to race across the desert. But it’s not just the hardware itself that … read more


Introducing Bay Area Heroes

We’re excited to introduce Bay Area Heroes, a program to honor the unsung heroes in our community. There are great people in the Bay Area doing amazing things that often don’t get the recognition they deserve, so we’re proud to partner with the Jefferson Awards Foundation to honor these individuals. And what’s more – we’re giving away $500 to five … read more

A Love Letter To My Hometown, Chicago

Chicago, I love you for so many reasons. You’re a city second to none. I even love your cold winters, because they inspire grit and perseverance in the people lucky enough to call you home. Photo by David B. Gleason – CC License After two years leading Indiegogo’s Design, Tech and Hardware team, last month … read more

From Passion Projects to Emerging Technologies

Andrew Song, Indiegogo‘s Outreach Manager of Technology, Hardware & Design, shares how a chance encounter with entrepreneur Eric Maundu of Kijani Grows turned him into a fan and customer.  I consider myself a huge hardware/tech fanboy through and through. It all started when I was seven years old and I got a hold of my Dad’s brand new … read more

“Let’s Send Kids to Harvard” Sets The Record For Biggest Indiegogo Fundraiser

We’re excited to announce that an inspiring Indiegogo Life fundraiser, Let’s Send Kids to Harvard: Vidal Scholarship Fund, has set a new record for the most contributors ever to a single campaign! Over the last two weeks, more than 50,000 contributors from 108 different countries donated to the fundraiser started by the Humans of New York blogger, Brandon … read more