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5 IndieGoGo Music Campaigns: Great Tunes Know No Borders

“Music is the universal language of mankind,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1835. Over 150 years later, 5 great IndieGoGo music campaigns prove that great tunes know no borders: The Prostitutes’New International Album Location: Praha, Czech Republic Story: The Prostitutes are already a popular post-punk band in the Czech Republic. Now they have a chance … read more

5 IndieGoGo Food Campaigns: Reviewing Airplane Grub & Launching Salad Dressings

Food can be a source of nourishment and extreme pleasure.  Below are 5 currently funding IndieGoGo campaigns from the Food category that want to keep your bellies full:   In-flight meals Location: Cologne, Germany Story: Set to travel across 27,833 km on 23 airlines across Europe, Nikos wants to review the world of airline cuisine … read more