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The Freight Essentials: Getting Your Products Across The Ocean

Design, Check. Funding? Nailed it. Prototype? Yup. Importing? Oh, ship. For entrepreneurs, importing can be a frustrating nightmare of bureaucracy and cryptic acronyms. And pirates. Don’t forget the pirates. But fear not, intrepid importer. We’re going to get through this together. Sit back as we walk you through what it takes to get your goods … read more

SXSW 2012 Panels – Vote for IndieGoGo!

March 2012 seems like aeons away considering we’re barely over summer, the East Coast is just dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and school hasn’t even opened its doors to the kids. But here at IndieGoGo we’re already prepping for our workshops!  As many of you know, SXSW Interactive/Film/Music is a cross-business platform which … read more